Dude looks like a lady

Kayo Satoh, a fashion model, cosplayer, and game presenter, confessed earlier this month that she had been born a man. The confession of the 22-year-old model came as a shock to her modeling agency and the fashion magazine Tôkai Spy Girl for which she worked as a cover girl. Both had assumed the 172-cm tall model was a woman.



Puss in Boots


In what may be one of the oddest collaboration efforts ever, Doctor Martens and Sanrio have come together to produce the Sanrio Kitty-chan 8-eye boot to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the two companies' founding. Retailing at ¥22,890 ($266.77), the limited edition leather boots come in three versions, white, black and Kitty-chan motif. Slip on shoes are also available. 



The Beach in September

It may still be hotter than hell outside, but you won't see many bikinis at Japanese beaches after the Bon festival of the dead (Aug.15). By late summer, when the kurage (jellyfish) arrive, people keep to the sand, huddled under parasols and tents, and come September the seashore is virtually deserted. You can't help but feel lonely at this time of year.






When I was barbecuing the other day, one of the corn on the cobs I had on the grill rolled off and fell to the ground.

My wife suggested rinsing it off and tossing it back on to the grill. I would have, I replied, if the corn hadn't landed right next to Pyonkichi's toilet.

After a moment, she said, "If this were a time of war, we would probably eat the corn anyways."

"If this were a time of war," I shot back, "we would have eaten Pyonkichi long ago."

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