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Spoilt for Choice

   So, . . . 
   Hanako says she isn't ready to make her presentation. There's really no excuse for not being prepared: I told the students at the beginning of the semester when they would be doing their presentations (they have to do four each) and what the topics would be. I even printed out a schedule for them so that they wouldn't come up later and say, "When am I supposed to do my presentation?" Or, "What's the topic?" Doesn't stop them from doing just that, though.
   "Just give an impromptu speech, then."
   Hanako shakes her head "No".
   "C'mon, it's an easy topic: sightseeing and traveling. Outta be a piece of cake for you."
Hanako lived abroad most of her childhood. If anyone has something to say about traveling, it's her. She shakes her head again. I can't.
   "Okay, Hanako. I'll tell ye what. I'll give you a choice. You can either do the short presentation today on travel, or you can give a longer presentation next week."
   The girl brightens.
   "There's a catch, though," I say.
   "The topic will be the Pros and Cons of Japan's Joining the Trans Pacific Partnership . . . What's that, Hanako? You'd rather give your presentation today? Atta, girl."


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