Dude looks like a lady

Kayo Satoh, a fashion model, cosplayer, and game presenter, confessed earlier this month that she had been born a man. The confession of the 22-year-old model came as a shock to her modeling agency and the fashion magazine Tôkai Spy Girl for which she worked as a cover girl. Both had assumed the 172-cm tall model was a woman.



Puss in Boots


In what may be one of the oddest collaboration efforts ever, Doctor Martens and Sanrio have come together to produce the Sanrio Kitty-chan 8-eye boot to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the two companies' founding. Retailing at ¥22,890 ($266.77), the limited edition leather boots come in three versions, white, black and Kitty-chan motif. Slip on shoes are also available. 


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