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Itchy Fingers

   Some people just can't help themselves.

   Shortly after the Boston Marathon bombing which has claimed three lives and injured more than a hundred, conservative commentator Erik Rush was quick to blame the attack on "evil" Muslims. 

   NPR's political editor Ken Rudin, on the other hand, urged caution in his tweet: "Remember when everyone pointed fingers immediately after Oklahoma City and were proven wrong? Some caution here, please."

   My thoughts exactly. Before rushing to hold Muslims responsible for the horrific attack, consider what The New York Times had to say: "some law enforcement officials noted that the blasts came at the start of a week that has sometimes been seen as significant for radical American anti-government groups: it was the April 15 deadline for filing taxes, and Patriots’ Day, a week that has seen attacks in the past. April 19 is the anniversary of the deadly 1993 fire near Waco, Tex., that ended a 51-day standoff and left 80 members of a religious group called the Branch Davidians dead. April 19 is also the anniversary of the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, which prosecutors said was conceived in part a response to the Waco raid."

   I wonder, if a radical American anti-government group is found to be responsible for the bombing, will Erik Rush then insist that all conservatives be killed? I suspect the answer would be "No."