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Head in the Gutter

   A 26-year-old man with his head literally in the gutter was arrested on June 6 in Higashi Nada, Hyôgo prefecture on meiwaku.

   The suspect allegedly crawled into a roadside gutter, measuring fifty centimeters deep and thirty centimeters wide, with the intent of peeping through the holes in a grate to catch glimpses up women's skirts as they passed by.

   At 10:10 in the morning, a woman sensing that someone was in the gutter informed a security guard who was nearby.

   The man later admitted his guilt to police, confessing that he had been hiding in the gutter since 8 in the morning.

   And the Japanese wonder why their population is decreasing. Let me tell you, if these guys put as much effort into getting laid as they do in trying to sneak a peak at girls' panties, the population would be two hundred million and rising.


   In a related story, a man was arrested a few days ago for attempting to take a photo up the skirt of a junior high school girl while she was shopping at a Tsutaya DVD/CD rental shop. The man was arrested on the spot by the girl's father, who happened to be an off-duty policeman. (Oops!)


All the News #1

   From the Nishi Nippon Shimbun

   “A Nishi Nippon Shimbun salesman (58) was arrested in Takeo City, Saga prefecture for breaking the prefecture’s ordinance against indecent acts. The suspect allegedly approached a twelve-year old elementary school girl, who was playing inside the Takeo Velodrome, and raised his t-shirt to reveal the women’s lingerie he was wearing underneath. The suspect has admitted to the act.”

   When I first read this article, I couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if a middle-aged woman went up to an elementary school boy and raised her skirt to show him the Spiderman underwear she had on underneath. Would she have been arrested, too? I suspect she wouldn’t.

   Far be it for me to try to defend chikan--the flashers, streakers, gropers, and exhibitionists of Japan. I honestly can’t understand how doing such things can be sexually gratifying for them. I do realize that in this crazy world of ours, it really does take all types.