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Rush and Hillary

   When she was the First Lady, he was an overweight blowhard. When she was elected Senator, he was still an overweight blowhard, but now on his third wife and addicted to prescription drugs.

   When she narrowly lost the Democratic Party's presidential primaries to Barack Obama, he was still an overweight blowhard. He was deaf, though, but that didn't stop him as he never listened to others anyways.

   When she became Secretary of State, he was, as ever, an overweight blowhard. And, if she is elected America's first female president of the United States, he will still be an overweight blowhard, on his fifth or sixth wife. That is, if his heart holds out.

   Hillary has achieved so much over the past two decades, and yet Rush, despite all his bravado is nothing more than the same old overweight blowhard, sitting on a poo cushion and spouting off into a golden mike. 

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