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Miyajidake Shrine

   One of my favorite places in Fukuoka is Miyajidaké Shrine. In early June the shrine holds its annual iris (shôbu) festival. These photos were taken when I visited this time last year.


   Miyaji Daké (Peak). The entire mountain is contained within the shrine's vast borders.

   The shrine claims to have Japan's largest shimenawa, the straw rope hanging above the entrance to the shrine's main building. The same claim is made by Izumo Taisha in Shimane prefecture.

   Purportedly, the biggest dingdong in Japan.

   Japan's largest drum, according to the shrine. Surely there are others that are larger.

   Behind the main shrine are paths that meander up to the top of Miyaji Daké. Along the way, you'll find several shrines as well as the occasional temple. 


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