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Sex Ed.

Is this a happy little kid or what?I had the following conversation with my 21-month old son this morning:

Y: Momma?
Me: Momma's on the toilet.
Y: Poo?
Me: No, probably just peeing.
Y: Pee. 
Me: Yes, Mama's peeing.
Y: Dingdong?
Me: No, dingdong. Momma's a girl. No dingdong.
Y: Nothing?
Me: Yes, nothing.
Y: Daddy dingdong?
Me: Yes, Daddy has a dingdong.
Y: Papa?
Me: Yes, Grandpa has a dingdong, too. 
Y: Yu dingdong.
Me: Yes, Yu has a dingdong. Daddy, Grandpa, Takumi, Takumi's Daddy, and Yu. We all have dingdongs. We're boys. Boys have dingdongs.
Y: Momma?
Me: Momma's a girl. Girls have boobies.
Y: Boobies.

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