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Putting the Pieces Together

Little Chatterbox   This morning, my 20-month old son came into my room where I was sleeping, pointed towards the ceiling and said, "Dark." He then took the remote (this is Japan, everything has a remote) from the table and turned on the light. "On," he said. 
   He also found my glasses on the table. Picking them up and unfolding the temples, he placed the glasses gingerly on me. This was a first. He then pointed at the clock on the wall and said, "Six!" 
   I looked at the clock myself and saw that it was seven-thirty. "Close enough, boy."
   Eoghan then pointed at my computer and said, "Apple. Nena." He meant that he wanted me to turn the computer on and Skype his grandmother.

   It's remarkable how language starts developing, how a child puts the pieces of the linguistic puzzle together and starts communicating.

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