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Ôita's Moé Girls

   Ôita has employed the help of 18 "Moé" characters to better promote cities and towns in the prefecture. Hailing from the cities of YufuUsukiBungotakada, and Kokonoe, we would like to introduce the character that represents each of our hometowns.
   First off, Yufu City's girl is a twenty-four year old enchantress. She sometimes appears at spas.
   Next, the girl representing Usuki City is a naive princess. She dreams of a prince riding white horse. Her hobby is talking about love.
   Then, there is Bungotakada City's girl, who is a beautiful, lithesome bus guide. Her hobby is backstairs gossip. Her favorite words are "humanity" and "nostalgia". She is 25 years old.
   Finally, the girl for Kokonoe town is a wild Western girl who grew up in the countryside. She is tolerant and sketchy, but everyone depends on her. She is 176cm tall and 23 years old.
   These characters are currently being used on the packages of snacks, in posters, and as the "image characters" for prefectural campaigns.
   If you would like to know more about these pretty girls, please visit the Moe More web site.
Written by Moé Girls, edited by Aonghas Crowe


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