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Deflation Tied to Palin

   Sarah Palin blamed President Obama in a Facebook post, accusing the administration of deliberately advancing an energy agenda designed to drive up the price of gas.

   "His war on domestic oil and gas exploration and production has caused us pain at the pump, endangered our already sluggish economic recovery, and threatened our national security," the former mayor of Wasilla, Alaska (pop. 10,256) wrote. "Hitting the American people with higher gas prices like this is essentially a hidden tax and a transfer of wealth to foreign regimes who are providing us the energy we refuse to provide for ourselves."

  While the star of a cancelled reality show and "author" of a best-selling ghost written memoir acknowledges that increasing global demand and tensions in the Middle East led to a significant rise in the price of oil, she writes that "the White House stood idly by watching the prices go up and allowing America to remain increasingly dependent on imports from foreign regimes in dangerously unstable parts of the world."

   Palin concludes, "Energy is connected to everything in our economy. Access to affordable and secure energy is key to economic growth, which in turn is key to job growth. Energy is the building block of our economy." In short, the US should, "Drill, baby! Drill!"

   What horseshit!

   Proven oil reserves in America stand at 21 billion barrels, which when weighed against annual consumption of 7.5 billion barrels a year would provide less than three years of increasingly expensive, increasingly difficult to extract oil. True energy security lies not in demagoguery, but in pursuing sound policies that promote conservation, alternative forms of energy, and increased energy efficiency. 

   In related news, Horse Apples Emporium, wholesaler of quality manure since 1968, blamed Palin Thursday for the dramatic drop in the price of crap, claiming the former half-term governor of Alaska had inundated the market with bullshit since her unsuccessful vice presidential run. A spokesman for Horse Apples said, "It hasn't been this bad since the build up to the Iraq War. Gets any worse and we'll have to abandon this shitty business altogether."

   When asked to comment, Palin tweeted, "Thanks, but no thanks."



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Reader Comments (1) has the last word on whether Obama is responsible for rising gas prices:

Too bad Sarah doesn't read.

April 24, 2011 | Registered CommenterAonghas Crowe

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