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Introducing HKT48

   'Tis a good day for the nerds of Hakata: the first twenty-one members of the newly launched HKT48 (Hakata 48) were announced in late October. They include, among others:

Yûko Sugamoto (菅本裕子), second year high school student.
















 First year high school student, Chihiro Anai
















Kyôka Abe (安陪恭加), second year junior high school student














Third year junior high school student, Mina Imada


















Nao Ueki (植木南央), a second year junior high school student

















 Another second year junior high school student, Sayaka Etô (江藤彩也香)
















First year high school student, Chiyori Nakanishi (中西智代梨)

















And, Maiko Fukagawa (深川舞子), who is in the sixth grade of elementary school.

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