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Oh, Grandpa!

   Outspoken Tôkyô governor, Shintarô Ishihara put his foot in his mouth once again when in response to the horrendous earthquake and tsunami that hit the Tôhoku region of Japan last Friday told reporters, “Japanese politics is tainted with egoism and populism. We need a tsunami to wipe out the egoism, which has rusted onto the mentality of Japanese over time.'' Adding, “I think [the disaster] has been divine punishment (天罰, tembatsu).”

   Oh, Grandpa!

   The old man has said some silly things over the years, but this takes the cake.

   In spite of the controversy his comments created (Gramps issued a rare apology the following day) Ishihara has signaled his interest in running for a fourth time in the gubernatorial race.

   Oh, Grandpa!

   Ishihara is clearly suffering from the early stages of senile dementia. Best to give the old man a tender pat on the back and ask him if he needs his diapers changed.

   Speaking of egoism, if that truly were the cause of Tôhoku’s suffering, then Ishihara had better buy some pretty damn good earthquake insurance because the epicenter of the next biggie will without a doubt be located directly below the governor’s mansion.