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Your Five Cents Worth

   Every year as Christmas approaches, I show my freshman classes "A Charlie Brown Christmas". I suspect that I have seen the special at least a hundred times by now, no exaggeration. Even though I have seen it so many times, it still hasn't gotten old for me. (Probably because of the music.) That said, this year I started paying attention more to the details of the show, such as the quality of the animation, how backgrounds are recycled, the way movement, such as walking, is conveyed. Considering that it was produced in 1965--it's older than me!--and hand drawn, it's not surprising that by today's high animation standards, it can have a somewhat amateur feel to it. 

   Anyways, this morning when I was watching it for the nth time, I wondered about the value of 5¢ in today's money and learned, thanks to Dave Manuel's Inflation Calculator, that 5¢ is worth about $0.38 today. Not a whole lot. 


In case you were wondering what you could buy for one dollar in the 1960s, go here.


  • Gallon of milk: 95 cents
  • One regular size bottle of Heinz ketchup: 22 cents
  • One dozen eggs: 53 cents
  • One-ounce Hershey bar: 5 cents (Although the price remained the same, the size of the bar shrunk to 7/8 ounce in 1966 and 3/4 oz in 1968.)
  • Pillsbury cake mix: 25 cents
  • Pound of pork chops: $1.03
  • Pound of sirloin steak: 85 cents
  • Six-pack of Pepsi: 59 cents
  • Package of ten Gillette razor blades: 99 cents
  • Can of shaving cream: 59 cents
  • Tube of toothpaste: 55 cents
  • Can of hair spray: 47 cents
  • Revlon lipstick: $1.25
  • Revlon nail enamel: 75 cents for crème and 90 cents for frosted
  • Generic cold relief capsules: 60 cents for two packages of 12
  • Cough drops: 23 cents for three packages
  • Cough syrup: 59 cents for a bottle
  • Contact decongestant tablets: 77 cents for a package of ten

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