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The MET's Online Photo Collection

  The Metropolitan Museum of Art has released some 400,000 photographic images for non-commercial use. Among the these are some excellent photos from the late Edo and early Meiji Periods. It's definitely worth perusing.

Date: 1870s 

   Olga de Meyer Sitting on the Porch of a Japanese House
   Date: 1900s–1910s

    Photographer: Adolf de Meyer (American (born France), Paris 1868–1949 Los Angeles, California)


   Shrine with Monumental Statue of Buddah
   Date: 1890s
   Photographer: Adolf de Meyer (American (born France), Paris 1868–1949 Los Angeles, California)



   Japanese Woman in Traditional Dress Posing Outdoors
   Date: 1870s
   Photographer: Shinichi Suzuki (Japanese, 1835–1919)


   Kusakabe Kimbei (Japanese, 1841–1934)
   Date: 1860s–90s
   Photographer: Kusakabe Kimbei (Japanese, 1841–1934)
   Artists: K Tamamura (Japanese), Raimund von Stillfried (Austrian, 1839–1911), and Felice Beato (British (born Italy), Venice 1832–1909 Luxor, Egypt)


   A Japanese Woman and a Japanese Boy in Traditional Dress
   Photographer: Shinichi Suzuki (Japanese, 1835–1919)
   Date: 1870s  


   Street Minstrel
   Photographer: Shinichi Suzuki
   Date: 1870s 


   La Toilette
   Photographer: Shinichi Suzuki (Japanese, 1835–1919)
   Date: 1870s


   Mutsuhito, The Emperor Meiji
   Photographer: Kyuichi Uchida (Japanese, 1846–1875)
   Date: 1872

   Tea House waitress
   Shinichi Suzuki (Japanese, 1835–1919)
   Date: 1870s


   Geisha Girls
   Photographer: Unknown
   Date: ca. 1880


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