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New Year's Revolutions

   A number of years ago, a student of mine once wrote that his “New Year’s Revolutions were . . .” I liked that. Resolutions ought to be a kind of coup d’état of the self, a violent overthrow of oppressively bad behavior.

   I’m not too happy—though not entirely displeased—with what I accomplished last year. (Raising a second child has been far more distracting than I expected.) I’m hoping for much, much, much more from 2014.


Off the top of my head, my “New Year's Revolutions” for this year are:

   1. Tame the body hairs. Get hair cut every five weeks. (Seriously)

   2. Finish A Woman’s Hand. (Almost there.) Start writing the third installment of the series.

   3. Rewrite Rokuban, and try, try, try to find another title or subtitle for the novel.

   4. Get more articles, both fiction and non-fiction, published in journals and magazines. (I’ve had fairly good luck so far without really trying. Now it’s time to actually put some effort into it.)

   5. Make some progress on the novel, Adam’s Quotient.

   6. Make progress on my non-fiction works—Kampai, Hōgen, Manholes, et cetera.

   7. Get a good working draft of the three textbooks I began last year done. Set up the publishing company and website and other incumbent nonsense by summer.


But wait! There's more! 


   8. Full press on teaching my older son (now three and a half) how to read English and Japanese before he starts kindergarten in April. Get my younger son (now one) to start speaking (Whether he likes it or not!).

   9. Take my older son skiing at least two times (and ice-skating four more times) this winter. Take boys hiking two or three times before April.


   10. Visit Tōkyō four or five times, Kansai three or four times (alone) in 2014. (Go to Okinawa with family?) Try to get magazines/websites to pay for travel.

   11. Visit my mother at least once this year. (Have her come to Japan or Hawaii?)

   12. Travel to Germany with family for Christmas (um alten Freunden zu sehen). Mend fences.


   13. Improve posture. (Candle wax may be needed.) Buy brace, go to seikotsu-in and stretching clinic regularly.

   14. Keep weight at current 70kg, but increase muscle. (See 15)

   15. Rejoin soccer team in winter. Run and exercise regularly. Join gym by spring, bouldering gym in winter. Stick to it.

   16. Drink less. No alcohol From Tuesday to Thursday.


   17. Start elder son up in soccer or karate by spring. Take him jogging with me.

   18. Hire a tutor to reinforce sons’ English from next summer.


   19. Start drawing/sketching again.

   20. Practice writing kanji again; study Japanese. Read more in Japanese.

   21. Take tests in December to force myself to review Japanese.


   22. Stay the course with regard to saving and investing.

   23. Start looking for a new place to move into or buy in the spring of 2015.


   24. Smile more.



   Knock on wood.

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Reader Comments (1)

I'm surprised by how many of these resolutions I was able to keep.

The ones I didn't keep or manage to achieve were more kid-centered. They had their own ideas about things, especially regarding reading. But two years on, we are looking good even in that regard. Better late than never, I always say.

As for fitness and health, I'm in much better shape than I could have imagined two years ago. I didn't rejoin that soccer team--wife didn't like my being gone all evening on Saturday--but I did start running regularly, and that has had lots of knock on benefits: my weight is down to 65-66kg; I've got a "two-pack"; I don't drink half of the month . . . I could go on.

We didn't manage to travel abroad in 2014, but I did get a lot of domestic traveling done. 2015 was also a good year for travel.
January 7, 2016 | Registered CommenterAonghas Crowe

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