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Pinching Yennies - 2

   You can file this under "Articles I do NOT want my wife to read".

   The survey mentioned in yesterday’s posting detailed the spending habits of salarymen, finding that the average price for lunch, while up eight yen, was only ¥518, suggesting that the “one-coin lunch”[1] trend was as strong as ever. 30.7% of salarymen’s lunches consisted of bentô brought to work from home, up from 28% last year. 24.9% of lunches were bentô that had been purchased (down from 25.2%). 19.2% of lunches were eaten out (up from 17.3%). And finally 17.2% of lunches were served by their company's canteen.

   When out drinking, salarymen in 2013 spend on average ¥3,474 (up 614 yen), bringing the amount up to the 2011 level. This, however, is the third lowest amount since 1999 when the survey began inquiring about spending habits.

   40-year-olds are spending an average of 905 yen more this year when out drinking (¥3,525); 50-year-olds, 1,284 yen more (¥4,114).

   On average, salarymen go drinking 2.2 times per month (down 0.2), spending ¥7,689, an increase of ¥746 over last year, which witnessed the lowest amount spent on drinking outside. This year is the second lowest.

   Of those salarymen who control the family finances, only 6% said they intended to increase their own allowances. 5.5% replied that they would lower it. The remaining 88.5% said that they didn’t expect to see any change in the amount of pocket money they had.


   Data provided by article published in My Navi News.


[1] Lunch which can be purchased with a single five-hundred yen coin. ¥518 is equivalent to about $5.19 at the time of this writing.

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