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Walkabout - Chiyoda

   One of the things that first surprised me as I wandered about Tôkyô is how much open space there is. Walking from Meiji Jingû towards the Imperial palace I passed many large parks and the Akasaka Palace (pictured above and below) as well as along broad boulevards with only light traffic.

   Avenue leading from Akasaka Palace towards Hibiya.

   Den of Thieves, also known as the headquarters of the Liberal Democratic Party, which is neither very liberal or democratic.

   As is often the case, the Japanese Diet was closed for business when I came a-knockin'.

   Moat surrounding the Imperial Palace. It was tempting to strip down to my skivvies and jump in.

   Gate to the Imperial Palace

   Sakura Mon (Cherry Blossom Gate)

View from Marunouchi Building of the park before the Imperial Palace. This was also rather unexpected.

   Former courthouse across the street from the Imperial Palace.

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