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Walkabout - Gokusho

   I went to Gokusho (御供所) to see the cherry blossoms yesterday. This old neighborhood located in Fukuoka City's Hakata Ward has some of Japan's oldest temples including the nation's first zen temple (Shofukuji 聖福寺). 

   Pagoda at Tôchôji (東長寺)

   Tôchôji (東長寺)

   Tôchôji (東長寺)

   Jôtenji (承天寺) Completed in 1242, this temple is said to be where udon, soba, manju and yokan originated.

   Jôtenji (承天寺)

   For more on the Gokusho neighborhood and its temples visit yokanavi.

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