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Little Tokyo

   About three years ago when ABC News was still producing a podcast--one of the best out there at the time--they had a weekly segment on art that featured the works of some very inspirational and creative artists, including a music video made by an Australian photographer by the name of Keith Loutit for the band Headless Heroes. I had never heard of tilt-shift photography, or of the band, but became a quick fan of both.



   Ever since Loutit's work was featured on ABC News, I've come to see countless examples of people using the same technique of stitching together time-lapsed, tilt-shift photography to create videos. While it looks good, none of it has wowed me the way Loutit's work did (and still does).

   If I had the storage available on my already jam-packed Mac, I might try to make some vidoes myself. Until then, I tinker.

   It's not as easy as it might look at first. Location and height are important. As it the lighting, of course. You need to be several stories above your subject, so that you're looking down at an angle of about thirty degrees.

   Anyways, I'll be doing some more of this kind of photography over the next six months. I hope you like it.


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