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   No emergency supply kit should go without the Tatamet (oritatami (folding) + helmet), the world's first collapsable hardhat! The basic model's starting price is ¥4,515, but discounts available for larger purchases. Buy one for your every member of your family! A children's version called the Tatametzukin is now on sale for ¥3,990.

   Note: some assembly required!

Demonstrating the "Structural Mechanism"


The Tatamet "Shape Maintaining Mechanism"

The "Fingers Crossed Mechanism" keeps the Tatamet from collapsing on your head in the event that something heavy falls upon it.

So easy to put together! It's, literally, a snap!


Got that?

   A friend commented that she would rather die than be seen wearing Tatamet. Not a problem! The makers of Tatamet also produce the stylish Kakumet stackable helmet which comes in eleven colors. A hardhat so smart, you'll be tempted to decorate your home and office with it! 

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