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Never Say Never


   This ought to be filed under "Famous Last Words". A friend was cleaning out his mail box, virtual mail box that is, when he came upon this eleven-year-old e-mail from a mutual friend or ours. It really cracked me up, considering that "Bud" is today one of the most active persons I know on Facebook. Let this be a reminder that we should never say "never". 


Hi, y'all!

   Just a note to say hi and to tell you that I will soon be giving up this e-mail address (and its provider for a cheaper one). I do not log onto the Internet much anymore. Info overload, I guess. Plus, I feel like I have seen everything that is worth seeing there in cyberspace. I will be soon be getting a new e-mail address in place of this one. Yeah. I doubt I will be giving that address out to people, though. Who needs more than one address? I surely don't.

   I hope you all are in fine spirits and are healthy. Enjoy the rest of December and the holiday/party season, and the coming of Y2K. That should be fun.





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