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Sunday's Walk 1


Built in Meiji 43 (1910), this lovely building was originally intended as a reception hall for foreign and other dignitaries visiting the Kyûshû-Okinawa region. It is one of the few buildings that remain in Japan featuring designs influenced by the French Renaissance. It is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Tuesday to Sunday. 



Three Maiko

A bronze replica of a work created by master doll artisan Kojima Maichi in Taisei 14 (1925) when the artist was thirty-eight years old. The original dolls were a third the size of this statue and won the silver medal at the Paris Arts and Crafts Expo.


An ugly side street off of the Kawabata Shopping Arcade.


The rear entrance to Kushida Shrine.


"Sacred water" for washing your hands and mouth before entering the shrine. Having once seeing a family of pigeons bathing in one of these things, I've never been able to use them since. 


Torii gates.



This well water is supposed to cure all sorts of ailments. If you can believe that, then maybe you can convince yourself that it tastes wonderful, too.

O-mikuji (paper oracles)


Dosanko. Located midway through the Kawabata Shopping Arcaade, this is my favorite place for Hokkaidô style miso ramen in Fukuoka.


Miso Râmen.

Fried Rice. Oh so good.


And, on the way home, we passed by Nakasu Taiyô, Fukuoka's very best movie theater. (Nobody believes me when I say this, but it is true. Have a look for yourself.)

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